Digital distribution is a service that allows your music to be available on Spotify, Apple Music and Amazon Music, among many other platforms for the sale of music through streaming or downloading. This service must be contracted through aggregators (such as since these stores do not work directly with bands and artists. The distributor offers you the service of loading the material to the platforms, managing the content and paying for digital sales, according to different business modalities.

By Streaming (example Spotify) where you pay for each reproduction of a song, or by download (example Itunes) where you pay for each downloaded track. The value of the reproductions varies, since it depends on the income that the platforms generate through subscriptions and advertising, as well as the number of total reproductions made in a certain period.

The digital distribution service collects royalties through advertising. The rights to your music do not change and our service contract only authorizes us to commercially represent the artist in front of the stores, without altering or establishing any additional conditions on the rights and intellectual property.

Audio: 16bit 44.1khz WAV file

Cover: JPG or PNG file of 3000 × 3000 pixels in size.

From the moment all the material is uploaded to the distribution platform and the launch is approved, it takes 10 to 15 days for the music to be in 100% of the stores.

The International Standard Recording Code (ISRC) is an international code administered by the IFPI (International Federation of Phonographic Producers) that serves to uniquely identify audio recordings and music videos. Thanks to this code, digital stores and we can keep track of each song, both during the distribution process and for sales management.

The UPC (Universal Product Code) code is a unique number designed to unequivocally identify any object and is generated under the EAN13 or GS1 standard. The most common name for the UPC code is “barcode.” Digital stores use this code to track the digital sales of each Album, EP or Single that you distribute.

If you do not have the ISRC codes for your themes and UPC for the product, we will assign it free of charge.


The first payment is made in 3 months (90) days after launch, as long as the payment threshold is reached, however eligible customers can request payment 1 month (30) days after launch.

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